About Us

ScienceEd was created to help spark children’s interest in science. Through experiments, demonstrations, games, videos and the personal experiences of practicing scientists, ScienceEd introduces children to the mysteries and marvels of science.

We’d like to thank the scientists and others who gave their time to this project. Without their generosity and willingness to share their knowledge this site would not have been possible.

Abbott Scientists:

  • Regina Reilly
    Clara Villamil
    Milagros Colon-Lopez
    Meredith Smith
    Jeffrey Pan
    Tzuchi Rob Ju
    Ruth Martin
    Eric Blomme
    Scott Galasinski
    Kerry Swift
  • Martin King
    Tim Bliese
    Tage Carlson
    Andy Vogt
    Michelle Collins
    Phil Merta
    Jason Cohan
    Roger Quan
    Joe Neilly
    Jerry Gagne

Science Education Consultant:

Chris Wallace, Catalysis LLC